Together we will enrich our community by providing opportunities for all to learn, grow and connect.


We aim to engage the Fowlerville community by making the library a destination for all citizens. We aspire to be a place of endless resources, lifelong learning, culturally enriching programs, and community collaboration. The Fowlerville District Library will be a backbone of the community, a place where everyone can thrive, discover the world, and connect with each other.


Lifelong Learning – We provide access to quality opportunities and resources through materials, information and programming.

Community Engagement – We celebrate and collaborate with our community to expand our involvement and services for all.

Outstanding Customer Experience – We welcome the community with warmth and respect, furnish a free and open gathering space, and strive to provide an environment where our patrons can thrive.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – We provide inclusive and diverse library materials, services and space to welcome all from the Fowlerville community.

Sustainability – We use public funds wisely and maintain a high standard of fiscal responsibility.

Staff – Be an organization where staff will flourish.