Welcome to our wonderful museum-quality Taxidermy Collection!


Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor in our community, the library boasts one of the better taxidermy collections you will find in the state! Stop by and tour these beautiful animals, some of which are highlighted below.

Michigan Bobcat

Weight: 35 Lbs.
From: Black River area by Millersburg in northeast Michigan


White Tail Deer

From: Menominee County in the Upper Peninsula Michigan


Blue-winged and Green-Winged Teal Duck

From: Mexico


Left to Right:

Mountain Goat

From: British Columbia, Canada

Black Bear

From: Vancouver Island, Canada – this subspecies of black bear is unique to this island

Russian Coastal Brown Bear

From: Kamchatka  Peninsula
Eats: Fish

Several kinds of geese and duck:

Duiker (brown antelope)

From: native to sub-​Saharan, eastern Africa



From: Kalahari Desert in southern Africa


Blackbuck Antelope

From: Texas, native to India


Left to Right:


Fowlerville, MI

Red Fox

From: Michigan


Mountain Lion

From: northwestern Montana


Scimitar and Addax

From, Texas, native to Saharan desert, Africa